Access Process

Requests for access, as well as requests for further information on the CPTP datasets, are received by the CPTP Access Office. Prior to submitting an Access Application Form, we strongly recommend that you consult the CPTP Policy documents, which will provide you with detailed information about the process and CPTP’s access, publications and intellectual property policies. For inquiries about the access process, please contact our Access Office at

CPTP Access Application Process

  1. Step 1. Create an account

    Before initiating a request for access, all researchers must create a CPTP Portal User account.
  2. Step 2. Complete and submit your request

    Researchers are encouraged to contact the Access Office to understand the requirements involved before submitting an application.

    When researchers are ready to complete and submit an access request, they must fill and submit an application form online and attach all of the required CPTP access documentation by logging into their CPTP Portal User account, and going to New Access Request.

  3. Step 3. Track your request

    Researchers will be able to track the progress and history of their access request online, by logging into their CPTP Portal User account, and going to My Access Requests.

CPTP Policies & Guidelines

We strongly recommend that you consult these prior to submitting an Access Application Form:

Required CPTP Access Documentation

All applications for access must include the following:

  • Completed Access Application Form
  • Research Protocol
  • Proof of scientific peer-review, if available
  • Decision letter from a Research Ethics Board
  • 2-Page CV of the principal applicant
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