Health and Risk Factor Questionnaire





The Health and Risk Factor Questionnaire Dataset includes the variables collected at baseline by the five population-based cohorts that together compose the Canadian Partnership for Tomorrow (CPT) Project. The current data release includes 307,830 participants.

The harmonized dataset includes information on:

  • Socio-demographics and economic characteristics (ethnic background, education level, employment status, income, ...)
  • Personal and familial history of diseases
  • Personal and familial history of cancers
  • Reproductive history
  • Women's health, Men's health
  • Lifestyle and health behaviours (Alcohol use, Tobacco use, Passive smoke exposure, Diet and nutrition, Sleep patterns, Sun exposure, Physical activity (IPAQ))
  • Self-reported physical measures (Height, weight, waist and hip circumferences)

Additional information including job-related information as well as open text variables to be added at a future date.

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