The Canadian Partnership for Tomorrow Project (CPTP) Portal provides information to help the research community identify data and biosamples of interest to answer innovative research questions and request access to the CPTP resources.

Welcome to the CPTP Portal! The portal includes comprehensive information on the cohort design, data harmonized across the five regional cohorts, collected biological samples, and CPTP access procedures.

More information

Visit the CPTP web site to learn more about the Project.

For inquiries about questionnaire data, biological data and access procedures, create a CPTP Portal User account to contact the Access Office.

Data available 

Health and Risk Factor questionnaire data (on over 300,000 participants), Physical measures data (on over 83,000 CPTP participants), Mental health data (on over 78,000 participants) and data on the inventory of the biological samples (more than 2,950,000 samples donated by more than 150,000 CPTP participants) and the conditions under which they were collected are available to researchers through an access request. Click here for more information on the CPTP's Health and Risk Factor questionnaire harmonized datasets, here for more information on the CPTP's Physical measures harmonized datasets, here for more information on the CPTP's Mental health harmonized datasets and here to explore CPTP's Biological Samples Data. 

Future data releases

Data on the health history of participants and their families and the use of prescribed medications will be added to the data portal, and be available for request by researchers in August 2017.