Data Harmonization

The CPTP datasets are generated using a rigorous harmonization process achieved in collaboration with Maelstrom Research. To learn about the harmonization methods and software used to harmonize data across the CPTP cohorts, click here.

CPTP harmonized data comprise information from several sources: Health and Risk Factor Questionnaires, including medication data, (>300,000 participants); datasets on additional diseases (>213,000 participants), physical measures (>100,000 participants) and mental health (>53,000 participants); and biological samples, including the conditions under which they were collected, (>2,950,000 samples donated by more than 150,000 participants). All data and samples are available to researchers through an access request .

Data Currently Available

Self-Reported Data

Health and Risk Factor Questionnaire Data - Release 3: data collected at baseline (935 variables)

Health and Risk Factor Questionnaire Data—Additional Diseases Data - Release 2: data on personal and family history of diseases other than those captured in HRFQ, collected at baseline on a subset of CPTP participants (460 variables)

Mental Health Questionnaire Data - Release 2: data on personal perception of mental health collected at baseline by two of the five population-based cohorts (17 variables)

Physical Measurement Data

Physical Measures Data - Release 2: data collected at baseline (65 variables)